Proposal Peer Response

  • We will be counting off and getting into groups to discuss and respond each others topic proposals.
    • Pull up your proposal from wherever you have it stored.
    • Each writer will have a turn sharing their proposal with their group. You can either pull up the document and have everyone read it, or read it aloud to your group. Whatever you prefer.
    • For those in the group when they are not presenting...think about the following questions to answer after the student has presented:
      • Can you clearly tell what the author's proposal topic is?
      • How is the language being used?
      • Does the proposal make a clear point of what the author is bringing to the table in terms of engineering?
      • Is the author entering the conversation?
    • After discussion and answering the above questions, the writer will then have a chance to ask questions from the group
      • This is especially helpful for any writer that is unsure of how to begin

Taking Notes While Responding

  • Make sure to write down comments, either on a sheet of paper or on the writing itself
  • The peer-reviews CANNOT just be: "Everything looks fine." There needs to be substantial comments being made
    • Example: "This part here is working very well, but we could use more information about this in order to fully understand what you are wanting to do."

This is NOT how you want to feel after Peer Review...

October 17 Reflection

  • How did the Group Peer Responses go? Did you benefit from the discussion? What did and did not work for you? Was there anything that you wish I had done differently in the instructions or planning? Will you be making any changes to your proposal based upon your discussion? If yes, what will you be changing?
    • Submit to OneDrive? AND Blackboard Discussion Forum
  • If time is not available, do this part for homework


  • Complete any final edits and changes to your proposal
  • Continue working on your Research Log