Happy Monday!! You survived your first major study weekend!! You're brain might be fried -- but don't give up just yet!!

You know the drill... Open your OneDrive? folder and start a new document. Reflect on Threshold Concept 5 and the TERRIBLE and EVIL memo I made you write this weekend as you answer the following questions...

  • How was the reading this weekend? Anything difficult to follow? Did you have a favorite part?
  • Concept 5.3 talks about "habituated practice" and "entrenchment". How would you define these two terms?
  • How did the rewriting of your letter into a memo go? Did you experience major writers block? Did answering the questions on Friday help you get started in the process?
  • What was your process this weekend in rewriting the letter?

I Will Survive

Take notes as a group, answering the following questions and discussing your progress as a student in this classroom the first three weeks of the semester.

  • How do you see yourself as a writer now, compared to week one of class?
  • What has made sense so far, and what hasnít?
  • From the first three weeks what has and has not worked in helping you learn and understand the material in-class?

Sharing is Caring


  • Read pages 1-17 of Thinking Like an Engineer
  • Complete Reading Response 6
  • Post on Facebook any questions you might have as we continue.
  • Study Study STUDY!!