Happy Monday!! It's Portfolio Day!!


How to Hyperlink your evidence in your Reflective Overview...

Why are we doing the Midterm Portfolio?

Think of a doorway or threshold. Your goal this semester is to make your way through that threshold. Have you achieved that so far? What thresholds have you crossed and how did you get to that point?

Work on this individually, taking notes and reflecting. Then share with someone next to you.

Understanding the Learning Outcomes...

As groups look at the learning outcomes that are part of the template for the Midterm Reflective Overview. Are there any that confuse you or you have questions about?

Putting Evidence into the Mix

What evidence can you think of that you can use to prove you have achieved each of the learning outcomes? Work in groups and then we will come back together as a class to share and discuss.


  • Continue working on your Mid-Term Portfolio -- preparing your evidence and completing your Reflective Overview
  • Prepare for your conference time on Wednesday or Friday
  • Look over and complete the Conference Guide?