Semester Research Proposal Template

To: Triad T Classmates and Faculty



Subject: Proposal for Semester Research

[Respond fully to each of the bold text prompts below.  Do not delete them.]

What is the general area of focus for your research, and why did you choose that topic?

What is/are the more specific claim/s that you are making? What part of the "general" issue / topic will be your focus? (Remember that idea that you’re bringing something new to the conversation)

What do you want your readers to think, believe, or consider, when they finish reading about your topic?

What reasons support your assertion or claim? In other words, when you state your claim or your purpose with readers, how do you answer the "who cares?" question that follows?

What are the various opposing or resisting views from readers that you have anticipated?  Remember that we want to recognize as many as possible of the "other" views between agree and disagree.

Define terms and concepts that are general or abstract and thus may mean many different things to different readers.  

[For example, if you were focusing on the "role of government," you would consider how many different "roles" that government has; and consider what you mean by government.]

So what is your proposal? What conversation are you entering and how are you answering the “so what” question?