Answer the following question:

Who are you as a researcher?

Think about the questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how to help you get started.

WHO are you as a researcher?

WHAT experiences in your life helped you become the researcher you are today?

WHERE did you experience practice as a researcher?

WHEN did you get to practice researching?

WHY do you define yourself as a certain researcher?

HOW has your past experience impacted who you are as a researcher today?

This needs to be AT LEAST one full page of strong reflection. Really think about how you define yourself as a researcher, and what it really means to be a researcher. Keep in mind that even though it needs to be a full page -- I have no problem with a full page being double spaced. But do NOT try to give me a 2.5 spacing or higher. I CAN tell the difference.

Save your reflection as "Reading Reflection 6" in your OneDrive? folder