So when we say "research log" whatever stereotypical research log, bibliography, citation page, annotated bibliography etc. that was in your head I want to leave -- NOW!

The point of this research log is not to show you how anal I am about perfect citations, or spending hours upon hours of trying to create the "perfect" summary for each source you find. It's tedious and stressful, and just not my thing.

The goal/purpose with these research longs is to do just what the title says -- log your research.

If you like using an excel spread sheet to keep everything organized -- do it.

If you need to make hand written notes while you research -- perfect.

If you need to just copy and paste into a Word Document as you go along -- sounds great.

How you log this research is up to you. All I ask is that you include a few things for me:

  • Title of the document/article that you find
  • The author(s) of the article/document
  • At least one quote
  • Some notes while you read -- this can be in short paragraphs, long paragraphs, bullet points, summarizations, etc.

Anything else that you want to add is up to you. There are no limitations, whatever you need to help you stay organized and process the information effectively.

The point of this log is to help you stay on track with your research, and have something that you can easily go back to when you need a refresher or reminder of what you've already read. For me, this is a way to help me keep an eye on what you're doing with your research and know if you're falling behind.

For now, keep this in your OneDrive? folder and remember to continually update it when you need to. If you're doing this by hand then you need to be taking pictures or scanning in the notes you take and uploading them to your folder. Later we will be adding it to BlackBoard, but you don't need to worry about that yet.