Understanding the Rhetorical Situation

Start with the Purdue OWL explanation of "Rhetorical Situation" (see link below), and work your way down the list. Be sure to read through all of the pages below (also linked from the left navigation at Purdue OWL). Note that on the first page of the Purdue OWL link, at the top, you can see a PowerPoint slide set related to the pages.

Next, read this brief explanation of "Rhetorical Situation"

Finally, here is a short summary PDF you can download for quick review:

Time To Write!

Using the "Elements of the Rhetorical Situation" and the concept of "Kairos" explain the Rhetorical Situation for one of the major writing projects (the letter to someone outside of your field of study, the technical magazine article, or the first year symposium group presentation). Remember that for ALL THREE of these writing projects your focus is based upon your topic proposal. So think about AND APPLY your topic to this reflection/writing. Keep in mind that you can propose more than one rhetorical situation, depending on the focus of your writing.

Now expand on your purpose: what do you expect readers to do, think, and believe through the major writing projects? What do you want to change through focusing on your chosen topic/problem through the major writing assignments?

Analyze and discuss the relationship between the rhetorical situation, the three major writing pieces, and the five threshold concepts.

  • Audience and Purpose
  • Genre
  • Writer's Identity
  • Revision & Continually Learning
  • Cognition versus Metacognition

Submit in your OneDrive? folder AND the Blackboard Discussion Board thread titled "Rhetorical Situation". Create a new thread in the folder and submit your reflection/analysis of the rhetorical situation and the major writing assignments.

Your HOMEWORK for TUESDAY that is due before class on WEDNESDAY is to comment on another student's work. Give them suggestions on something they might have missed, or share what you discussed that was different and compare/contrast your post to their own. Remember that this is CONSTRUCTIVE COMMUNICATION, not criticism.

If you have any questions PLEASE email me. See you all Wednesday!