• I've finished grading your Midterm Portfolios!! Grades will be submitted to Sail later today.
  • If you have any questions about your grade PLEASE WAIT until during peer response time, OR sometime outside of class during my office hours.
  • Some things I noticed...
    • Evidence included in folder, but not mentioned in Reflective Overview.
    • Provide MORE -- not less. ALWAYS give more that what you think you need.
    • How you work in groups meant how YOU worked in that setting, not how the group worked as a whole.

Let's Talk About Friday...

Peer Response Day 4!

Continue working on your drafts and peer responses. Keep in mind the timeline and considering which phase you are on in the process of the timeline:

  • early drafts: For the first or first few versions of an assignment, you attend to the ways your draft is considering all parts of the "rhetorical situation" as effectively and consistently as possible.
  • middle drafts: When you are relatively sure you have all the parts of your piece on the page and in an arrangement that seems effective, you focus on the various "parts" of the piece of writing.
  • final drafts: In your later versions and your last version, you "edit" and "proofread," focusing on sentence- and word-level concerns, and confirming that your published version represents the "care" and effort you invested in the process.

Remember that part of the process is ALSO responding to questions or concerns that the writer might ask you to address with their writing!


  • Continue revising, responding, and staying on-track with your timeline. Don't forget to keep track of your work and not lose your previous drafts!