Introduction of the Two Major Writing Projects -- where do we go from here this semester?

So What are Major Writing Projects 1 and 2?

Expectations of Major Writing Assignments 1 and 2 Process

  • Below is all the parts of the process that you MUST use and work towards as you're drafting and peer responding.
  • It is important for you to stay on top of the process and KEEP ALL DRAFTS. To help you do this -- you will upload all edits, rewrites, and notes into the Blackboard Discussion Forum Threads "Major Writing Project 1" and "Major Writing Project 2". You will create an original thread with your first draft. Any edits you make after that will be uploaded as a reply to your original thread.
    • Drafts of work in progress
    • Sharing and responding
    • Revisions
    • Proofreading and edit

Creating a Timeline

  • Today I want you to create a timeline of your expectations for yourself for the rest of the semester. This timeline you will stay on-track with this semester to make sure you're not falling behind. After this week -- we have FOUR weeks left. It goes by faster than you can imagine.
  • Now get into your color groups and create a Peer Response Group Calendar. This is a group calendar -- so you have to work in a group. Considering what you will do during each class session -- keep in mind factors such as the potential of certain students being absent on certain days or certain assignments in other classes that might impact how much you get done in preparation for this class.


  • Continue working on your Research Log
  • Begin working on one of the major writing projects and draft away! First drafts are due Monday of next week.