It's Wednesday -- and submitting your Portfolio Monday doesn't mean we're done for the semester.

If you didn't get Monday's Online Class work completed, that's what you're working on today.

For Those Who Submitted to Blackboard

  • Get into a group and discuss. Share with the other students in your group what you discussed as the rhetorical situation for one of the major writing assignments.
  • Continue working on the Rhetorical Situation, now applying to any of the major writing pieces that no one in your group touched on. If you're having a brain fart and forgot the three major writing projects:
    • Letter to someone who has no background in your field
    • Technical Magazine Article
    • First Year Symposium Group Project
  • Now that you have discussed how the rhetorical situation applies to each of the three major writing projects -- begin the in-depth process of considering what the rhetorical situation means when applied to your proposal topic.
  • What does the rhetorical situation and its application to the major writing projects mean for you as a writer?
    • In other words, consider Threshold Concept 3 (identity of a writer) and Threshold Concept 5 (cognition versus metacognition). Both Concepts pertain to your writing styles and habits, so how does analysis of rhetorical situation and the major writing projects affect YOU as a writer?
  • Begin thinking like an engineer pertaining to this project. How does your topic impact you as an engineer, as well as other engineers who will potentially look at your proposal?
    • Remember that writing is not only rhetorical, but also social. So you ALWAYS have to keep the engineering community in mind and ask how your topic impacts and improves your community.
  • Answer these questions and work as a group in whatever way works best for you. Take notes as you go, or complete an in-depth analysis together as a group.
    • Whichever way you choose to complete this work -- I want the final results to be an in-depth reflection and analysis. This is not a short answer bulleted list group discussion. Put in the time and effort with this. There is a purpose behind the madness, trust me.
    • Submit your finalized work as "October 5th Rhetorical Situation Discussion" in your OneDrive? folder. This has to be in EACH of your folders, not just one person.


  • Finish your Midterm Portfolio and EMAIL ME when it is complete.
  • Complete the Online Class work if you did not finish today in class.
  • Rework and edit your Topic Proposal. Submit the updated version into the Blackboard Discussion Forum "So What?!" as a reply to your original topic proposal post.