Happy Wednesday! We've made it to the middle of the week, but we're not done yet! Just keep on keeping on!

Sharing is Caring

In your groups discuss your reflections and how you define yourselves as researchers.

  • Did you find any similarities?
  • What differences did you learn about one another?
  • Is there any strategies or habits that someone in your group does that you will now consider adding to your own researching habits?

How Does Research Pertain to This Class?

Let's Take a Quiz...

Let's Reflect

Use the rest of your time in class today reflecting on your study process for your chem test tomorrow.

  • Do you feel prepared for your first Chem test as a college study?
  • What study habits did you use in preparation for the test?
  • Did you ask for help from your professor, peers, and/or SI leader?
  • What parts of your studying process were beneficial in preparing you for tomorrow?
  • Is there anything that you didn't do that you feel would have helped?
  • Is there anything that you did do that was not beneficial to preparing for the test?
  • Where do you go from here? What do you have planned for the next 24 hours in preparation for the test?

Be creative -- you can add to this list of questions as you reflect. Or go off course and don't follow the questions at all. This reflection is meant to help you recognize what is and isn't working for you in your studying process.


  • Read Research as Inquiry
  • Brainstorm and begin thinking about what topic you are interested in pursuing this semester and your future career.
    • You will need these topic ideas for class on Friday to help with participation in the library.
  • Make a reminder for yourself that we will be in the library on Friday!! (Room 109)
  • Study Study Study!!