Happy Wednesday!!

Progress Reports and Why We Need to Catch Up

Portfolios are due in less than two weeks, so it really is time to get our sh** together.

Please DO NOT panic over the grade you received for your progress report email. This was based upon what you have left to turn in, and if you just have not participated at all in class. So clearly this will change by the time that mid-term portfolios are submitted and I begin putting in grades.

Topics to Questions to Problems

Follow the link above and read "Research as Learning" on your own QUIETLY. You will have five minutes to read and take notes. While you are reading take notes on anything that you find interesting. With the notes that you take, focus specifically on how this reading relates to your brainstorming of a topic and the research that you will complete this semester.

After the five minutes are up you will get into groups and discuss what you found interesting and the notes you took on how this reading relates to your topics and research. WAIT FOR ME to tell you that it is time to transition into group discussion. If some students need more time to read, we will wait until everyone is done.

So Today We Answer "So What?!"

Choosing a topic requires more than simply choosing something we are interested in. We have to go deeper into the topic if we wish to "enter into the conversation". Thus when planning and choosing a topic we must answer the "so what" question.

Transitioning from "Research" to Entering a Conversation

The in-class reading from today ends with a few questions to help you narrow down your topic and makes sure you're answering the "so what" question with your topic decision. Answer the following questions in a Word Document, using your chosen topic to help as a guide to narrow down and make sure you are answering the "so what" question. When you are done, submit your answers in the discussion board on Blackboard titled "So What?!". This is your exit ticket today. YOU CANNOT LEAVE until you have completed and submitted this reflection.

  • What is your topic?
  • Who cares about, or would be interested in, your "topic"?
  • Why would they care? Why should they care?
  • Are there different views related to the problem or issue you are choosing to discuss?
  • What can you learn about each of the views?
  • How can you contribute to the ongoing conversation about the issue or problem? WE ARE ENTERING THE CONVERSATION!!!!
  • Considering the specific issue or problem, what more do you need to know to contribute to / participate in the conversation? What kinds of questions will you be trying to answer with your research?
  • Now after answering the above questions, what conversation are you entering into this semester(TOPIC)?


  • Comment on another student's reflection in Blackboard. Consider if the student is truly answering the "So What" question and is making the transition into "Entering a Conversation".
    • Comment on a student WHOSE REFLECTION HAS NOT BEEN COMMENTED ON YET. EVERYONE needs and will benefit from feedback.
  • Look over the comments that another peer made about your topic. Continue to rework and edit your topic as a reply to their comment.
  • Look over the Proposal Rubric. We will begin working on proposals Friday so don't panic or put a lot of thought and work into this yet.
  • Keep on brainstorming and planning out your Midterm Portfolio -- remember that we will work on that next week.
  • Homework is lighter now BECAUSE I need you guys to catch up!! So don't spend all that free time binge watching Netflix!!