(Original Source Image: Parks and Recreation, NBC, 2009-2015)

Note: The following Extra Credit options will "expire" by April 28.

Writing Center

With ONE exception (see Course Overview on the sidebar), visits to the WC are not required, but highly recommended!

I will add 1 pt to your total course grade for every voluntary visit you make to the CASA Writing Center, as long as you provide evidence (signed and dated slips from the WC staff) that you followed through on your appointment/s throughout the semester.

Error Search - 1 pt

Point out a misspelling, punctuation mistake, or similar errors on the Spring course wiki, and receive 1 pt extra credit (plus some slight resentment).

Marvel's Civil War - Choose a Side! - 5 pts

(source: http://marvel.com/universe/Civil_War)

SCENARIO: In a world full of people with superpowers, the government decides to enact the Superhuman Registration Act, a law that requires that anyone with superpowers - including both villains and heroes - must reveal their true identities to government authorities, and follow new laws and regulations, or else they will face charges of treason.

Iron Man: He supports the Act out of concern for the safety of the general public, most of whom do not have superpowers. He also thinks it's a good idea for people with superpowers to reveal their identities, in order to coerce them to act more responsibly and gain the public's trust.

Captain America: He opposes the Act out of concern for the safety and privacy of both people with superpowers and their friends/families. He especially opposes the law that forces people with superpowers to reveal their identities, and believes that the government is potentially putting the lives of superheroes' friends and families in danger.

Based on the above scenario, write a 1 page, single-spaced essay in which you side with either Iron Man or Captain America. Briefly identify whose "team" you are on, and identify the strengths and limitations of their argument.

Bowie - 5 pts

Write a 1 page, single-spaced analysis of the following song:


What message is Bowie sending to listeners with this song? What story does the song tell? How does the song make you feel? Do you think it is a "happy" or a "sad" song? Why?

Who do you think is the "man who sold the world"? Why?

No "Mom Jeans" Necessary - 10 pts

1. Adapt the following clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PENZkWqqUk ("Write it Down," Sesame Street) according to modern standards of composition. (For example, most of us now use tablets and cell phones instead of notepads and pencils/pens for taking notes.)

2. Perform your modern adaptation for your classmates.

3. After your performance, turn in a short paragraph (at least 5-7 sentences in length) summarizing the process of adapting the skit for a modern audience. What new genres of composing did you include? Why?

Create a Syllabus - 15 pts

1. Pretend that you are a new ENGL 1301 instructor who will be teaching this course in the Fall. Using materials from the course (WAW textbook, assignment descriptions, etc.), create a new Syllabus using this Template

2. This new Syllabus must include:

Two Student Learning Outcomes - Come up with at least two new learning outcomes for your future students

Two Major Projects - Briefly describe two major projects that you think will help your students succeed as writers. These projects must be your own work; they CANNOT be the Literacy Narrative, Activity System Analysis, or any other assignment from WAW. If I can find these assignments in WAW or on Google, you will not receive any credit for your work.

Two Major Readings - Pick two readings from WAW, and briefly describe why you think they are important for incoming 1301 students

Grade Distribution - Based on your major projects, etc.

Attendance and Late Work/Extension Policies - Be clear and concise; explain your reasoning to your future students

Provisional Course Outline - Briefly tell your students where you will be leading them, from the first to the last date of the course (you may use the course outline on my Syllabus as an example to get you started)

3. Turn in your newly created Syllabus, and a 1 paragraph (at least 5-7 sentences in length) Reflection on this assignment. Do you think you approached this assignment as more of an instructor or a student? Why?

Keep in mind that while a template has been provided, you are responsible for creating the course-related materials for your Syllabus. Again, if I find it on Google, you will not receive credit.

Create Your Own WAW - 25 pts

Write your own version of Writing About Writing that you feel would be helpful for an incoming freshman student.

In order to receive full credit, your work must include:

1. A 1 page, double-spaced Introduction that explains the purpose behind your new "textbook" and briefly describes each of its chapters

2. A Table of Contents (with chapter titles)

3. No less than 3 Chapters (3-4 full pages each, double-spaced) that elaborate on concepts we've discussed in class

4. A brief Afterword (1 paragraph, at least 5-7 sentences in length) that reflects on the strengths and limitations of your new "textbook"

5. Be sure to include a general, APA-style citation for your WAW textbook as well