If you are nervous about your upcoming major assignments, take a few moments to enjoy this consoling image of a puppy:

Okay, now that you're a bit calmer, take some time to peruse the brief assignment descriptions provided below.

Note: All major assignments - unless otherwise indicated - are required to adhere to standard APA formatting (Purdue OWL - APA Format). More information (formatting details, etc.) about these major assignments will be provided as we move forward during the semester. Be sure to check this link on the sidebar for current information about requirements and due dates, and as always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about these assignments.

Literacy Narrative (LN)

"Shitty First Draft": Due Sunday, 9/20 by MIDNIGHT - Late drafts will not be accepted.

Final Draft: Due Thursday, 9/24.

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What is it? Your literacy narrative tells the story of your development as a writer and a reader, through an autobiographical exploration of the most impactful past literacy experiences – both good and bad – that molded you into the writer and reader you are today. None of us are “born” writers! Instead, according to scholar Deborah Brandt, we all develop our literacy through the aid of literacy sponsors including family members, teachers, favorite authors, and even institutions such as the government.

Why am I writing this? The purpose of this narrative is not merely to tell a “story.” This assignment requires you to think critically about yourself as a writer and reader. I want to see a thoughtful, reflective analysis of your literacy history and experiences, drawing upon what you have learned through course readings, written reflections, and class discussions.

Midterm Reflection Portfolio (MT Portfolio)

Portfolio is due to my mailbox (in FC 113) by Friday, 10/2.

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What is it? The midterm reflection portfolio asks you to reflect on your learning throughout the first half of this semester. You are tasked with focusing on your learning as a process: as a series of learning experiences that have thus far informed your learning practices in this semester. For this portfolio, you will provide evidence that you feel best represents your learning experiences, and write an insightful and reflective letter (or introduction) to your portfolio that provides adequate contextinforms your reader why you’ve created this portfolio, and its purpose in regard to you assessing your learning – and engages your reader’s interest in your learning process.

Discourse Community Ethnography (DCE)

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A sample Literature Review can be found on the Class Plans page for Thursday, October 22.

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What is a discourse community? “The term discourse community identifies a grouping of people who share common language norms, characteristics, patterns, or practices as a consequence of their ongoing communications and identification with each other.” (Bazerman, n.d.)

What is the assignment? For this assignment, you will choose one politically charged event or campaign that has recently gained attention in media, “reverse engineer” the event or campaign in order to discover which politically-oriented discourse communities make up its primary participants, and choose ONE of these discourse communities to focus on for your final research project. You will then conduct further ethnographic research to find a preliminary answer to this research question:

What are the goals and characteristics of this discourse community?

You will write a report (paper) that answers your research question based on careful observation of your chosen discourse community. To observe this politically-oriented discourse community, you will use ethnographic research methods to collect and reflect on data.

Tentative due date: Midnight, Sunday 11/22

Final Reflection Portfolio (Final Portfolio)

Portfolio is due to my mailbox (in FC 113) by Friday, 11/20.

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What is it? The Final Portfolio asks you to reflect on your learning process throughout the whole semester, from the first day of class until now. For this assignment, you will provide evidence of how your prior learning experiences in the course demonstrate your understanding of at least one of the Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies described on the course Syllabus (see sidebar).

Final Exam