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Now that you're a bit more relaxed, go ahead and preview the Major Assignments for the course (some brief descriptions are below).

Note: All major assignments - unless otherwise indicated - must adhere to standard APA formatting (Purdue OWL - APA Format). As we move forward, I will provide more information (formatting details, rubrics, etc., all that "fun" stuff) about all of the Major Assignments for the course. I advise you to refresh this link for the most current information regarding all assignment criteria and due dates, and of course, please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Project 1: Literacy Narrative (LN)

Shitty First Draft: Due Saturday, 2/13 by MIDNIGHT - Late drafts will not be accepted.

Essay Final Draft: Due Saturday, 2/20 by MIDNIGHT.

Final Self-Portrait: Due in class Tuesday, 2/23.

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What is it?

A literacy narrative tells the story of your personal development as a writer and a reader through an autobiographical exploration of the most impactful literacy experiences you've had – both good and bad – that analyzes how these experiences molded you into the writer and reader you are today. Let me repeat: None of us are “born” writers! Instead, according to Brandt (2014), we develop our personal literacy with the help of literacy sponsors including family members, teachers, favorite authors, even institutions such as school or the government.

Why am I writing this?

The purpose of your literacy narrative is not just to tell a “story.” This assignment requires you to think critically about yourself as a writer and reader. I want to see a thoughtful, reflective analysis of your literacy history and experiences that draws upon what you learn about literacy sponsorship via course readings, written reflections, and class discussions.

Project 2 : Activity System Analysis

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What is an activity system?

According to Kain and Wardle (2014), an activity system includes “a group of people who share a common object and motive over time, as well as the wide range of tools they use together to act on that object and realize that motive” (p. 275).

What is the assignment?

Project 2 is an analytic research paper with several components. First, you will choose an activity system that meets all of Kain and Wardle’s (2014) criteria. Second, you will create annotated bibliographies of research that will provide you with enough information to tell readers how this activity system uses various genres and communicative tools to mediate activity, create and reinforce specific identities and values, and construct patterns of authority for individuals. Third, you will write a research proposal that tells readers how your paper will address any gaps in the research. Lastly, you will write a 6-8 page research paper that describes the system, analyzes its motives and tools, and reflects on what you have learned from doing so in an objective and scholarly manner.

Final Exam

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Everything you need to know for the final exam is available on our course wiki. If you are having trouble finding the information you need, or have any questions about the concept/s or possible questions, feel free to contact me via e-mail, or we can set up an appointment before the exam to discuss your concerns.