Consider this homework or mini-project as a low-stakes trial run for the larger research presentation at the end of the semester. Here you only need to look for youtube videos and write a 1 to 2 pp. double-spaced description of your comparison. Each student in the group must hand in a separate written response, though you only need to prepare one presentation. Be sure to answer all of the questions you are asked in the prompt. You can present your findings and conclusions to the class in whatever way you like, be it through a powerpoint presentation, a group discussion, a skit (!) or other class activity. I encourage you to be creative.

1. Worship in Non-Western Cultures

2. Combining Sacred and Secular Music

3. Gender and Music

4. Improvisation-oriented Musical Genres

5. Small Ensembles 'Performing Friendship'

6. Dancing: Statement, Repetition, Contrast, Return

7. Music, Money, Technology

8. Music and Community, Ethnicity or Identity

9. Beethoven: Myths, Inventions, Truths

10. Memorializing Tragedy

11. Music and Violence

12. Songs Made Popular through Films or Games