A little lecture check-in:

     *What is a conjunct?
     *What is a disjunct?
     *What's an interval?
     *Range? Contour?


Today I will be doing a SAMPLE FACILITATION in order to show you the types of things you can do for your own facilitation.

ROUGHLY SPEAKING: Aim for ten minutes of presenting material in whatever way you choose, over some aspect of the reading you want to explore -- with an additional ten minutes for helping your peers engage with and grasp the material through some kind of activity. You should facilitate (i.e., teach) the class for at least twenty minutes.

Here we go:

Here is a topic related to Portable Music that I took from the reading and explored in more depth. It's about recorded music versus live music and how recorded music is a form of repeatability

Now take this cool survey.

Finally, let's do an activity in small groups.

First, identify the terms together on the handout. Then use them to determine which one corresponds to the image I will give you from the pictorial history below. Be able to explain your answers.

Pictorial History of Portable Music


Bring a list of two or three artists you are thinking about for your final project. Write a brief paragraph for each one explaining your interest. This will be handed in for a grade, though I do not mind if it is (legibly) hand-written.

READ Interlude One about 'Music and Sacred Spaces' in your textbook.