Genocide, yo!

Atlanta Street Art, Sever


Our final student led-discussion on the second half of Chapter 7 -- Welcome Abraham, Brianna and Teresa.

Take out a sheet of paper. Write your artists' name at the top. Write down (AT LEAST) six to ten research questions, but aim for as many as you can think of.

For example:

     Why is Banksy anonymous?
     Do people actually know who he is? Is his anonymity 'real' or 'staged'?
     Does his anonymity give him greater freedom to criticize society?
     Is he political? How so?
     What is the difference between graffiti and art?
     Is there any justification to the claim that he is simply a nuisance and a vandal?
     How would he compare to other 'outsider artists' such as Marcel Duchamp?


Ch 7 Take-Home Quiz