A little lecture check-in:

     *Why did Professor Pool call music a 'temporal art'? What would be another example?
     *Why do we say that music is 'narrative'?
     *Why might we refer to 'art music' rather than 'classical music'?


As I mentioned last week, I'd like you to get into small groups of two to four and discuss your seminar experiences last semester. Have one member of your group jot down at least one 'rule' or 'guideline' for how you want seminar to operate this semester. What went well? What went not so well? And what should we put in writing to guide us along this time?

  • Discuss first half of the Music Portability article.


Start reading your textbook so that you can bring any questions or concerns to Seminar.

Finish reading or review the Portable Music article for Thursday.