Warm-Up: Let's look at this map more closely. It is typical in some ways but not in others.

In-Class: Today is the day for introductions.

Let's tell each other the story of our names in order to learn them, of course, but also to get to know a little something about each other. I'll go first!

  • SYLLABUS q and a

Homework: On Monday, we will get into groups and discuss our Seminar experience from last semester. Start thinking about some 'rules' you would like to implement in order to make this semester as helpful and meaningful as possible. I will collect these 'rules' (for yourselves and for me), post them online, and we will use them to keep us focused throughout the semester.

This weekend: READ the following entry online about the Columbian Exchange

You should also obtain a copy of Betty Wood's Slavery in Colonial America: 1619--1776 and begin reading it.