Today's Plan:

  1. Reading Strategies
  2. Test Anxiety
  3. Sign Up and Review for the Assignment

Assignment Info

Please make sure that your sections include:

  • Important dates and definitions of important terms (those could be highlighted, italicized or bold in the book)
  • What the section is about, and what the main idea is
  • Provide examples about your part to make it easy to understand

- This assignment is due on Sunday Feb 21st, at 11.59pm; please submit your section to BlackBoard. I will not review your sections to make any corrections. However, I will put all of your sections together, and make an outline for all 5 chapters. Then I will share the document with you on Monday Feb. 22nd. This outline will not be enough to make you ready for your political science exam-1, but it will help you to review all sections carefully.

If you have any questions or concerns (including not being sure about this assignment, or being unsure about your section), please email me. NC