INTEGRATED ASSIGNMENT For the integrated assignment, students will use what they learn in each of the classes of the Learning Community to advocate, organize, and/or promote some kind of political change through writing. Students will be choosing an issue of your choice (per instructor approval) associated with either a national political issue with local implications or a local issue with national political implications. This research proposal will be something that you will be working on in Seminar and Composition while also using the knowledge gained from your POLS class. This assignment will count in ALL of your Triad D classes. 

PRESENTATION All learning community students will participate in presenting the Integrated Assignment.  These in-class presentations are an opportunity for students to share their academic work with their peers. Along with presenting, all students will be required to fill out evaluation forms of their peers. More information will be provided in the form of class discussion and an online assignment description.

MIDTERM AND FINAL REFLECTION PORTFOLIOS The Midterm and Final Reflection Portfolio asks students to analyze the work performed during the semester and demonstrate how you achieved each course outcome. I expect you to exhibit skills for effective writing and use evidence to prove how you met each of the course outcomes this semester. To do this, you should refer specifically to the work you did throughout the semester.

LEARNING COMMUNITY POINTS Throughout the semester, there will be various events on campus. The list of events will be shared with you during the first week of the class. You will be earning points by attending events you choose from the list and responding to a few structured questions after your participation. You will turn in your response per each activity, and your points (up to 10 points) will be added to your overall grade. Points can be earned by responding to articles posted on Blackboard from time to time, using CASA, attending specific SI sessions, attending approved campus events, etc. This assignment will count in both your Seminar and Political Science classes.

Please note the due dates for Learning Community Points throughout the semester. Each event will be worth 2 points apiece every three weeks five times over the semester. If you fail to ask for an extension before the due date for the submission, you will not be able to turn it in by the end of the semester.

For more information and an up-to-date list of events, click here!