Today's Agenda:

  • We will have a workshop day for your FYS posters.
  • Bring your laptops, i pads, etc so that you can show me where you are at in the process of completing your poster. If you started working on your tri-fold poster board, you can bring it to class as well.
  • Today, we will review whatever you have so far and I will provide you feedback.
  • The FYS rubric is in the Blackboard, under the content section. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • If you think that you will miss today's class, you still have to email your current work to me.


* Posters are due Nov.28th!

* Finish your posters and bring them into your composition class on Nov 28th.

* No Seminar class on next week Tuesday (Nov. 28th), instead Professor Vickie and I will be grading your posters.

  • Also, you still have to attend events to collect learning community points!

The List of Events

  • Lastly, Final Reflective Overview Assignment guideline and rubric is in Blackboard. Please see it and start working on it.