Today's Agenda:

Scavenger Hunt

  • You will be out of class to complete this activity!
  • Wear comfortable shoes and bring your phone to take pictures!

Getting to Know Your Campus (Photo Scavenger Hunt!)

  • Your mission is to go out and become familiar with your campus!
  • You have 20 minutes to complete your mission!
  • After 20 min., come back to class and share what you learned with your friends in 2-3 min.!


  1. You must work in your assigned learning group (I will provide more information about your group in class).
  2. Whenever possible, you must meet, speak with, and take a picture with someone who works in the place that you visit.
  3. Remember! At least one member of your group must be in the photo.
  4. Find out about the services their program offers and pick up handouts of upcoming activities.
  5. Bring handouts back to class and be prepared to teach the class everything you learned!
  6. Do not interrupt someone if they look like they are doing something important. Be polite!
  7. Don't get me in trouble! Be good representatives of Triad R!
  • When you take a picture, email it to me:

(IMPORTANT:Put your Group number and the name of the place into the Subject Line!)

Places to visit:

  1. Writing Center
  2. CASA
  3. SOAR
  4. SandDollar$ deposit machine
  5. The Library Computer Lab where you can Print
  6. My office
  7. Dr. Billeaux's office
  8. Ms.Vickie Machen's office
  9. Career Services
  10. Lost and Found office
  11. SandDollar$ Office
  12. First-Year Learning Communities Program (FYLCP) offices
  13. Financial Aid Office
  14. Counseling Center
  15. Health Center
  16. Islander Welcome Center
  17. The Dugan Wellness Center Rec Sports
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Activity Credit: Dr. Rita Sperry


  • Today is the last day to add/change classes! After today, you're stuck in the schedule you're in!