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NesimeCan: WednesdaySeptember2nd

Activity: Scavenger Hunt

More Information:


  1. You must work in your assigned learning group (I will provide more information about your group during the class).
  2. Whenever possible, you must meet, speak with, and take a picture with someone who works in the place that you visit.
  3. Find out about the services their program offers and pick up handouts of upcoming activities. At least one member of your group must be in the photo.
  4. Do not interrupt someone if they look like they are doing something important. Be polite!

REMEMBER: You need a picture, information about what services are offered in the place you visit and pick up handouts or brochures!..

(Put your name, and the name of the place into the Subject Line!)

Places to visit:



Feel free to contact me with ANY questions!

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