Write this:

  • Abstract Due.

Read this:

  • Sustainability--what will your group do when the money runs out? McElrath?, Step 7
  • Mikelonis et al., “Preparing the Organizational Information,” “Writing the Cover Letter, Executive Summary, and Abstract.”

We will do this:

  • We will follow our individual time lines.
  • We will be paying attention to sustainability, organizational information, and cover letters

Today's Daily Agenda


1. Attendance

2. Questions

3. Sustainability

4. Organizational Information

5. Cover letters, summaries and abstracts

6. Work time

7. Individual meetings with students

8. Next time: Should be purdy much done.

  • Evaluation form to be filled out by your contact person
  • Here 'tis Attach:PADM5370IndEval.doc
  • To be filled out by your contact person
  • Could be given to you or emailed to me (my email is on the contact form)