Desde La Ultima Vez/From Last Time Should be purdy much done.

  • Evaluation form to be filled out by your contact person
  • Here 'tis Attach:PADM5370IndEval.doc
  • To be filled out by your contact person
  • Could be given to you or emailed to me (my email is on the contact form)

1. Attendance

2. Capstone Presentation by Elizabeth Mock

3. Questions? Answers?

4. Quick Note about Former Students


  • Your grant should be submitted when your contact person is ready to do so. Make sure she/he/they have all of the info you need
  • You DO NOT submit the grant yourself

6. Debrief/discussion of class

7. Review Portfolio Assignment

8. Final peer review/revise o rama--have at least two people go over your ENTIRE grant application.

9. Your final grant application package, including your reflective memo, is due by 7 pm Thursday, May 10th--the final exam period.

10. Please let me know if your grant gets funded!