From Last Time:

Write This

  • Needs statements and goals and objectives should be complete Turn these in under the 'Groups' section--there is a discussion board for needs statements and another one for goals and objectives; please name your post "Yourname Need Statement' and 'Yourname 'Goals and Objectives'

We will do this

  • Meet with Dr. E to review your progress.
  • Draft methods
  • Draft evaluation

No readings due

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

2. Questions? Answers?

3. Individual meetings with Dr. E

4. Pair Share Needs and Goals and Objectives

5. Goals and Objectives should be done and ready at the end of class.

6. Draft Methods and Evaluations

7. Work time

8. Next time:

Write this:

Read this:

  • Hall and Howlett, “The Budget.” In Readings Library of Blackboard
  • Clarke and Fox, “Budgets: Telling Your Story in Dollars and Cents.” In Readings Library of Blackboard

We will do this:

  • Draft Budget if you are following syllabus time line.