From Last Time

  • Documenting the need. Carlson, Step 3. .
  • K & S Lesson 8.
  • Mikelonis et al., “Writing the Need Statement.” Readings Library in Blackboard.
  • Abstract Due over
    • K&S, Lesson 3.
    • McElrath?, Step 1. Developing the proposal idea.
    • K&S, Lesson 4.
    • McElrath?, Step 2.
    • Mikelonis et al, “Strategic Planning and Audience Analysis.”

1. Attendance

2. Questions about life, the universe, and everything?

3. Work Time

4. Some Group Tasks:

  • Quarterback--
  • Group A
  • Group B
  • Group C
  • Group D
  • Group E
  • Reassign new student

5. Identifying Funding Sources

6. Look at each, reading RFPs? carefully.

  • Are we eligible? (our organization, our service region, other restrictions placed by the funder)
  • Will they fund what we are doing?
  • Will they fund the type of expenditure we propose?
  • What is their deadline?
  • How much do they usually give?

7. Note: Guidestar is our friend!

  • Go to
  • Note easy login and free membership
  • Pull 990s
  • Look at schedule 1-1
    • Note who they gave to
    • What they gave for
    • How much they gave

8. The Call

  • The importance of the approach
  • The pitch
  • Is my 'professional communication' talk needed?

9. Needs statement

  • What is it?
  • Note that it's almost always required even when the funders don't specifically ask for it.
  • What do we notice from the three readings?
    • Some of the common ground?
    • Some data that some include but others don't
  • Note that the 'sample' in the the McElrath? is fairly awesome

10. Reading discussion

11. Some basic research tools

12. Writing time for the needs statement

13. A draft needs to be completed by tonight

  • Someone(s) need to take responsibility for revising and completing it. COMMUNICATE WITH ALL

14. Next time:

Write This

  • Needs Statement Due.
  • Abstract Due over
    • Documenting the need. O'Neal, Step 3. .
    • K & S Lesson 8.
    • Mikelonis et al., “Writing the Need Statement.” Readings Library in Blackboard.
  • Get Planning Memo in ASAP

Read This

  • Goals and Objectives. McElrath?, Step 4.
  • Goals and Objectives Redux. K&S, Lesson 8.

We will do this

  • Draft Goals and Objectives in class
  • Review the needs statement