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Write This

  • Needs Statement Due.
  • Abstract Due over
    • Documenting the need. McElrath?, Step 3. .
    • K & S Lesson 8.
    • Mikelonis et al., “Writing the Need Statement.” Readings Library in Blackboard.
  • Get Planning Memo in ASAP

Read This

  • Goals and Objectives. McElrath?, Step 4.
  • Goals and Objectives Redux. K&S, Lesson 8.

We will do this

  • Draft Goals and Objectives in class
  • Review the needs statement

1. Attendance

2. Guest Speaker: Aislynn Campbell, Executive Direct, GROW Local South Texas

3. Questions? Thoughts? Picks? Pans?

3. Reports from:

  • People who contacted funding sources
  • Description of Project
  • Needs Statement

4. Review needs statement

Look at Undergrad Needs Statement Attach:Undergradneeds.doc Δ

Another resource: United way overview of Nueces County

5. Goals and Objectives; note that they deal with the logic of your plan (project, goals, evaluation)

McElrath? Chapter on Goals and Objective

  • What is a goal?
  • What is an objective?
  • What is a method?
  • Examples of each

Karsh and Fox Ch. 8

  • Definition of Goal
  • Swa hwaet? The so what factor
    • Just because a program seems good, if you can's show it will achieve specific results, it's hard to fund
    • Delightful?
  • Grantmakers Goals and Objectives are important, too.
    • Kenedy
    • Moore (see #6)
  • Don't "Make" Your Goals fit with funders; either they do or they don't
  • REALISTIC goals and objectives, but ones that show real change.

Goals and objectives for our grant.

8. Plans for the future

  • Both needs statements need to be done/dun
  • A solid draft of the project description, to be reviewed in class
  • Each team needs to come up with some kind of solid timeline for the Veteran's Center in terms of what will be done when (working together) and translate that into drafts of goals and objectives.

9. Work time.

9. Next Time:

Write This

Abstract due over

  • Goals and Objectives. McElrath?, Step 4.
  • Goals and Objectives Redux. K&S, Lesson 8.

Read This

We will do this:

  • Go over each group's assignments
  • Review the project description
  • Rough out an evaluation plan based on goals and objectives