From Last Time

Write This

  • Needs Statement Due.
  • Abstract Due over
    • Documenting the need. O'Neal, Step 3. .
    • K & S Lesson 8.
    • Mikelonis et al., “Writing the Need Statement.” Readings Library in Blackboard.
  • Get Planning Memo in ASAP

Read This

  • Goals and Objectives. McElrath?, Step 4.
  • Goals and Objectives Redux. K&S, Lesson 8.

We will do this

  • Draft Goals and Objectives in class
  • Review the needs statement

1. Attendance

2. Guest Speaker--Georgiana Bradshaw, Coastal Bend Food Bank

Her Presentation: Attach:DBHO.pptx Δ

3. Questions? Thoughts? Picks? Pans?

4. Reports from QB, and Groups A, B, C, D, and E

5. Discussion of needs: What data have we gathered?
Another resource: United way overview of Nueces County

Some examples:

7. Goals and Objectives; note that they deal with the logic of your plan (project, goals, evaluation)

McElrath? Chapter on Goals and Objective

  • What is a goal?
  • What is an objective?
  • What is a method?
  • Examples of each

Karsh and Fox Ch. 8

  • Definition of Goal
  • Swa hwaet? The so what factor
    • Just because a program seems good, if you can's show it will achieve specific results, it's hard to fund
    • Delightful?
  • Grantmakers Goals and Objectives are important, too.
    • Kenedy
    • Moore (see #6)
  • Don't "Make" Your Goals fit with funders; either they do or they don't
  • REALISTIC goals and objectives, but ones that show real change.

9. Next Time:


Do NOT follow the reading schedule in the syllabus; it is based on the incorrect version of the book. Please follow the Daily Agenda.

Do This

Peer Review Planning Memo: (Send to two classmates)

  • Read it over
  • Does it do assignment
  • Things you like
  • Things you think need clarification
  • Editing/grammar stuff

Write This

Abstract due over

  • Goals and Objectives. McElrath?, Step 4.
  • Goals and Objectives Redux. K&S, Lesson 8.

Read This

  • McElrath? Step 8
  • Karsch and Fox 12
  • Michelonis on Budgets (in Reading Library)

We will do this:

  • Organizational Background (Group C's work)
  • ncorporate Needs statement into the project description (Group D's Work)
  • Budget Exercise