1. Attendance and Welcomes

2. A bit about my own grant writing history

3. Note Web Syllabi and Texts;

  • note that the CRITICAL THING is to CHECK The Daily Agenda every day!
  • Major Assignments due on BB
  • Note SCHEDULE WILL BE FLEXIBLE; we are counting on other people
  • Note the SYLLABUS QUIZ is due by midnight on Saturday (1/23).
  • Note that if I say (or anything I write says) Carlson, I mean McElrath? (Carlson wrote the first three editions, so the name is imprinted pretty deeply in my brain).

4. Note we’re working with the Food Bank of Corpus Christi to fund the "Diabetes Hands On" initiative. Note class history.

5. Grant Info: Attach:SunLifeGrant.pdf

  • Note that class will meet AT THE FOOD BANK on Thu, Jan 25 (next week).

6. Preguntas?

BREAK--Read McElrath? 'Introduction' and 'Lesson 2' from Karch and Fox

7. Discussion of Service Learning

8. Note workshop nature of class; it will, once we get under way, run a lot more like a business meeting than a traditional class

9. Overview of the grant writing process; look at the way Carlson book is organized.

10. My process:--See handout Attach:ChuckProcess.doc

11. Note planning memo; be working on that. Note what it will involve.

12. Preguntas?

13. Discussion of Karch and Fox.

13. More about the Food Bank

14. Next time:

We Meet at the Food Bank of Corpus Christi Next Week

  • I will leave campus at 6:30 pm and can give rides to up to four people.
  • It is at 826 Krill Street.
    • Take SPID to I -37. Turn Right or South on I 37. Exit, and turn right on Navigation, your first exit.

Go one block to Savage (it's the first street, but is poorly marked. Go right on Savage. Savage deade ends onto Krill, which is a one block street. The Food Bank occupies two buildings in the middle of the block--a warehouse and an office building. We'll meet in the office suite.

  • Call me if you get lost--I will give out my cell number in class.

Audience: What Granting Agencies Want.

  • K&S, Lesson 3.
  • McElrath?, Step 1. Developing the proposal idea.

Getting Ready to Write.

  • K&S, Lesson 4. McElrath?, Step 2.
  • Mikelonis et al, “Strategic Planning and Audience Analysis.”
  • Read all Sun Life materials . . . and be prepared to ask questions.
  • Read Planning Memorandum A Assignment (Due Three Weeks from Tonight)
  • If you have problems accessing the textbook, I will put the readings for next week in the 'Readings Library' section of BB for the next time.
  • Note both books are available on Kindle editions from Amazon at far less that list price.