From Last Time

  • Stick to your time line

Write This

  • Abstract Due over *Mikelonis et al., “Finding Funding Sources Using Library Resources,” “Finding Funding Sources on the Web.”

McElrath?, Resource B, K&S, Appendix 6 and 7.

  • Submit to me a timeline for getting your individual grant complete by the end of the term. It will be submitted using the "Groups" tab in the group called 'Individual Grant Writing Project." Use the "File Exchange" Feature.
  • Every week, we will have an individual meeting in which we review your progress.

Read This

  • Working with Funders. McElrath?, Step 2.
  • Mikelonis et al., “Drafting the Proposal Narrative”

We will do this

  • Meet with Dr. E to review your progress.
  • Draft needs statement
  • Draft goals and objectives

Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance by telling me, specifically, what funding agency you are using.

2. Two different versions of a project description

3. Michelonis in some detail

  • Note that it follows previous readings; some is review
  • What is different?

4. McElrath? Step 2

  • Literally a review
  • What applies to your current grant app?

5. Timelines, Needs Statements, and Goals and Objectives

  • Concern: As of 5:40, only five of you had posted time lines.

6. Work time.

  • Meet w/ individual students as they need
  • Review Time Lines

7. Next time:

Write This

  • Needs statements and goals and objectives should be complete Turn these in under the 'Groups' section--there is a discussion board for needs statements and another one for goals and objectives; please name your post "Yourname Need Statement' and 'Yourname 'Goals and Objectives'

We will do this

  • Meet with Dr. E to review your progress.
  • Draft methods
  • Draft evaluation

No readings due