Welcome to Week Four!

Today: Exam Review Competition

Homework for Wednesday: Complete the proficiency assessment for ORION Practice in Wiley Plus and bring in your proficiency percentages on Wednesday for attendance.

  • Exam One Proficiency Chart
  • Directions:
    • Open Psychology Blackboard.
    • Click Wiley PLUS in the Course Menu.
    • Click Read, Study, and Practice on the next screen.
      • If you see a notice that you are leaving Blackboard, click Launch.
    • Click ORION: Personalized Practice on the next screen.
    • View the tutorial if you wish, and then complete Chapters 1 and 2 only.
    • Write down your proficiency percentages on your handout, and bring it with you to class on Wednesday. Even if you miss class today, having a completed proficiency chart is the only way to be marked present on Wednesday.