Due to illness I've canceled our 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM class today. I have rescheduled my afternoon office hours for tomorrow, 12 PM - 2 PM. In lieu of class today, please complete the following.


Before Seminar on Tuesday, February 28, please use this handout--Ten Questions for Fake News Detection--to do the following, and bring your work with you to class:

  1. Read the Week 6 PowerPoint in the PowerPoints folder on Blackboard. I have included video and audio content, and references at the end if you would like to read more.
  2. Go to the following link: http://dhmo.org
  3. Apply the checklist to the content on the above website, and answer the following on the back of the checklist or a separate document:
    • Which flags does it raise on the checklist? Which checks does it receive?
    • Is there anything you find on the site that does not have an entry on the checklist?
  4. After completing Steps 1-3, open the press kit from the home page and read the history of the website.
  5. Bring your answers to the above questions and other thoughts to class on Tuesday.