1. How technical are the writing skills inside and outside workplace?

2. Describe two achievments that enabled you to become a better employee?

3. What made you choose the path of becoming a juvenile probation officer?

4. Describe both your weakness and strengths?

5. Describe the training process that is provided by the juvenile probation?

6. From a scale of 1-10 where would you rate the importance of writing skills?

7. What are your future goals as far as education and work?

8. Is there anything at your work place that you dislike?

9. In your job you are expected to manage a certain caseloads out of those how many home visits do you have to do? What procedure do you do during the home visit?

10. Do you find it hard to accomplish any particular part of your job?

Hello Dina, I too want to become a probation officer. But only for a while because my true passion is to become a Criminal Justice Professor. Even so, I could benenfit from your interview becuase you would give me a better insight in the probation field. As in regards to your questions, they are excellent information finders. But may I suggest asking your interviewee how much of their job is actually done in writing? This could give you a better insight of what would be expected of you. Amanda Tijerina