Still looking pretty good as a class! (A few more grades lower than 70, which is pretty normal.)

The Breakdown

  • A - 14 (Two grades over 100!)
  • B - 14
  • C - 11
  • D - 10
  • F - 11

Class Average: 74.77 (Compared to 84.85 on Exam #1)

What this means...

  • Keep at it! Only about four weeks to go! (And it's gonna go crazy fast!)
  • If you didn't do as well as you might have hoped, remember that this exam was (only) worth 15% of your course grade, the same weight as your team project. If you do well on that (and you probably should if you've been working with your team), and have been going to lab and doing your homework, then you are still okay! :)
  • Midterm grades will be posted to SAIL by tomorrow. The drop date is THIS FRIDAY!

The Test