Monday Again!


  • Lab #3 today for the Monday group! See you at 3:30 in CI 226!
  • For Wednesday: We're moving onto Chapter 6. It's a long one, so I want you to focus on pages 105-120, making sure you understand and could explain the difference between straight-through logic, positive logic, and negative logic. We're going to discuss those topics (among others) in class together.

Need Help?

  • TA: Vinay Manikonda
    • Office hours (in GPAL, CI 346): MW 3-3:30 & TR 12:30-1:30
    • Tutoring hours (in PAL, CI 347): TR 10-11 & TR 2:30-5
  • Dr. Sperry's office hours: Thursdays 1-3pm and by appointment (I'm here all the time!)