Welcome to COSC 1435!

  • Who am I? (What should you call me?)
    • BS Computer Science, TAMUCC, 2004
      • Minor in Mathematics!
    • MS Computer Science, TAMUCC, 2007
      • Thesis topic: Usability Testing Using Physiological Analysis
    • PhD Curriculum & Instruction, TAMUCC, 2014
      • Dissertation topic: Prediction of the Retention and Probation Status of First-Year College Students in Learning Communities Using Binary Logistic Regression Models
    • First-Year Learning Community Coordinator/Professional Associate Professor
  • First quiz!
  • Get into groups based on my instructions...
    1. Introduce yourselves! (Name/nickname, classification, where you're from, CS experience)
    2. Compare your definitions and come up with a group definition of 25 words or less!
  • So, what is a computer?
  • What is Computer Science?
  • What are we doing here?
    • COSC 1435: Introduction to Problem Solving with Computers I
      • Purpose of the course?
      • History of the course at TAMUCC?
    • Syllabus stuff
    • What to do when you need help:
      • Email me or visit my office hours
      • Visit your TA or the PAL


  • No Wednesday lab today. Labs will begin next week! :)
  • For Monday's class:
    • Buy your books if you haven't yet! (Amazon Prime Student, anyone?)
    • Read Chapter 1 in Problem Solving and Programming Concepts (Sprankle & Hubbard). Be prepared to list the six steps of the problem solving process, tell the difference between algorithmic and heuristic solutions, and identify some difficulties with problem solving!
    • Skim through Chapter 2 in Problem Solving and Programming Concepts -- we'll be diving into the material together on Monday!