First-Year Symposium!

Today the students in Sean's Seminar classes will be presenting your team projects at First-Year Symposium from 9-3 in the UC Anchor Ballroom!

  • Time slots (Non-LC students, feel free to stop by to support your teammates!)
  • No regular class (2-3:15pm), but the Wednesday lab students still have lab at 3:30 today. See you there!

Course Evaluations

  • Please complete your online course evaluations here on/before Tuesday, December 6th.
  • We want to know how things went this semester, good and bad, and you are the best situated to give us the feedback we need. Let your voice be heard! :)


  • Next Monday: Last Day of Class! We'll hopefully wrap up functions (Chapter 6) and might even have time to jump back to Chapter 7.
  • Monday, December 12, 1:45-4:15pm: Final Exam! Eeek!

Need Help?

  • TA: Vinay Manikonda
    • Office hours (in GPAL, CI 346): MW 3-3:30 & TR 12:30-1:30
    • Tutoring hours (in PAL, CI 347): TR 10-11 & TR 2:30-5
  • Dr. Rita's office hours: Thursday 1-3pm
  • Free tutoring! CASA Schedule
  • Free Online C++ Tutorials