Graded Activity

Project Part One: Understanding Project Needs

Choosing Sides

Character Profile

Observation Report

  • Individual
  • Using this chapter from Smarthinking we will practice writing observation reports. You will view a video in class and then write your own field notes from what you see. Then using your field notes you will write the Observation Report. The Observation Report will be submitted online and must be .doc or .rtf format.
  • Audience - Our class as the working group that is developing The Deadliest Warrior: Vampires vs. Werewolves video.
  • Purpose - The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn how to make observations about the world around you and successfully communicate this information in writing.
  • Focus on
    • Types of information gathered to develop the project
    • What kinds of experts were consulted
    • What are the different ways the information was used to make the case for the winner
  • Models
  • Evaluation
    • Provides enough information to give the reader a full idea of the occurrences that were observed.
    • Maintains audience interest.
    • Uses clear and descriptive language so as to provide a visual picture for the reader of what was observed.
    • Written at a professional level (formatting, editing, etc.).
    • Presented to professor in proper format.
  • 10 points (Up to 5 points may be deducted for failure to submit proper formats.)

Project Part Two: Backgrounds and Plans

Annotated Bibliography

  • IndividualThe Deadliest Warrior: Vampires vs. Werewolves video. Your next assignment will be to submit a Scene Proposal, but in order to do that you will need to do some homework to determine what you will include in your proposal. That is the purpose of the Annotated Bibliography. Technical writers spend most of their time bringing together already existing information into a format that fits the audience and purpose needs of the documents they are creating. So before writing on a topic, a technical writer has to gather information. We are using the Annotated Bibliography as a way for you to gather already existing information related to the topic you want to write about.
  • Audience - You will be the audience for the annotated bibliography, but you can also think about how you would explain the information you find to other members of our technical writing group (our class).
  • Purpose - For you to learn the information you need to write a professional chapter that includes not only correct and updated information regarding your topic, but information that will be interesting and valuable to the readers of The Coastal Bend Zombie Survival Guide..
  • Specifics
    • How many? Long Answer - This will depend on how what you are writing about and what research you need to do/what information you need to collect to be able to write a chapter that will meet audience and purpose needs. Short Answer - At this point I would say shoot for 5.
    • What Kinds of Sources?
      • Find come info for each of these categories: Historical - both real science and fiction; Physical - mental capacities, strength, speed, capabilities, vulnerabilities, tactics; Experts - who are they and what do they focus on.
      • Of course you will want to include the usual -- books, journals, magazines, credible websites -- but other good sources might include interviews, Youtube videos, movies, blogs, etc. The way to answer what kinds and which sources again depends on your audience and purpose. You have to determine where to go to find the best information you will need for what you are covering in your chapter.
    • Use [[ | APA] format. We'll talk more about why.
  • Models
  • Evaluation
    • Is it clear what each source is about?
    • Is it clear how each source connects to the chapter project?
    • Do the sources provide enough information to support writing a chapter on the chosen subject?
    • Is APA format correct.
  • 10 points

Scouting Report

  • Update Character Profile
  • Individual

Scene Proposal

Memorandum of Understanding

  • Group
  • The MOU will be used as the agreement regarding how your group will work together to complete your chapter, or in other words, the rules for your group. One person in the group will need to submit the MOU in the Discussion Forum in Blackboard.
  • Format - dependent upon the needs of the group.
  • Points to consider
    • How will you decide who does what?
    • How will members of the group be held responsible?
    • What will happen if a group member does not complete work? Or completes it late?
    • How will you handle differences of opinion?
    • How will you communicate? (Blackboard, email, wiki, in-person meetings)
    • Does equal time spent always mean equal work?
  • Evaluation -

Project Part Three: Project Completion

Script Draft - Part One

  • Individual
  • Audience - the typical viewer of The Deadliest Warrior: Vampires vs. Werewolves video.
    • Research audience stats for the show
  • Each member of the group must submit a paper at least 2 pages (single-space, 1 inch margins, no larger than 12 point font) about the chapter topic (your choice as what you choose to focus on and write about). The paper should have an additional page 3 that will include your reference list (using APA format Format for the first 2 pages is not as important as making sure you have at least 2 pages of content. These 2 pages can include information you have already written, but the information will not count unless it is relevant to the chapter. So part of the assignment involves you deciding if you have the info you need or if you need to gather more info. And remember the information can come from many different sources, including interviews, observations, blogs, movies, etc.
  • Evaluation
    • Is the info full and complete?
    • Have you considered audience needs when writing the information?
    • Do you cover all of the important elements related to your topic?
    • Does the info meet the audience need as determined by the purpose of the chapter?
    • Is APA format correct, including proper in-text citations?
  • 20 points

Script - Part Two

  • Group
  • Audience - the people of the Coastal Bend who will be using The Coastal Bend Zombie Survival Guide.
  • Using all of the information gathered by the group, the group will need to submit a first draft of the chapter, including visuals.
  • The group will also need to submit a separate statement that describes the purpose of the chapter as it relates to the purpose/audience of TCBZSG as laid out in the CFP for The Coastal Bend Zombie Survival Guide.
  • Evaluation
    • Is the chapter full and complete?
    • Has the group considered audience needs when writing the chapter?
    • Do the visuals support the written text, as opposed to just providing decoration?
    • Does the chapter cover all of the important elements related to the topic of the chapter?
    • Does the chapter meet the audience need as determined by the purpose of the chapter?
    • Is APA format correct, including proper documentation for visuals?
    • Does the chapter follow the same format as the "Bloodless" chapter?
  • 30 points

Multimodal Presentation - Video

  • Presentation
    • Group
    • This will be quite different from what you may usually think of when you think of doing a presentation. We have referred to our group many times as the technical writing team working together to create The Coastal Bend Zombie Survival Guide]]. At this point when most of the writing and the visuals are complete, we now need to come together as group and talk about the book as a whole, rather than focusing on single chapters as you have to this point. So the final presentation will function as a working group meeting in which each group will report.
    • See Agenda for the meeting.
    • Each group can determine how to present the information. It does not have to be fancy, just provide the information. And one person can speak for the group. It does not have to be one of those things where everyone has to talk.
    • 20 points
  • Final Chapter
    • Group
    • 50 points
  • Debriefing
    • Individual
    • Each student will complete the Debriefing Form for the [=TCBZSG=} project to share what was learned and challenges that were met, and any suggestions.
    • 10 points