Canagarajah, Suresh. "Multilingual Writers and the Academic Community: Towards a Critical Relationship." Journal of English for Academimc Purposes 1.1 (2002): 29-44. Science Direct. Web. 5 March 2011.

This article displays the difficulties that multilingual writers may face when trying to enter into an academic community not of their native language.

This article looks at the different perspectives of the relationship between the academic community and the multilingual writer. For instance, the school English for Academic Purposes (EAP) adheres to an attitude that the student must make all attempts to enter into the academic community without any negotiation or criticism from the student. Then there is Contrastive rhetoric. This allows the student to engage in the discourse of the academic community with his culture and criticisms. Also, there is Social Process and Transculturation that allows the student to move freely across boundaries where identities can be melded with academic discourses.

This article would serve as an excellent resource to help explore the quandaries and possibilities of multilingual writers.