The book I will be reviewing is Everyday Writing Center: A Community of Practice. The book explores the concept of a "community of practice," learner-centered pedagogy, and the dual/contradictory identities of scholars working in writing centers.

So far, I have two possible sources for my White Paper. I'm waiting for one source to arrive at my apartment (a book I ordered) and I'm waiting for the other source, an article, to arrive through ILL. I know we're kind of supposed to discuss what our sources are about but I don't quite have full access to them yet. I'll post what I can right now.

Welch, Nancy. "Playing with Reality: Writing Centers after the Mirror Stage." College Composition and Communication 51.1 (2009): 51-69. JSTOR. Web. 27 Feb. 2011.

Here is the articles abstract: "Between the daily reality and theoretical visions of writing center work, Welch points to disharmonies that perpetuate the opinion in the field for centers to "get real" and abandon high ideals and theories to teach "practical writing." Using Lacan and psychoanalytical theories of object-relation development, Welch juxtaposes these arguments to pursue the practical with the potential for productive investigation and change in the gap between theory and practice, unsettling current ideas about students and writing."

Mullin, Joan A., and Ray Wallace, eds. Intersections: Theory-Practice in the Writing Center. Urbana, IL: NCTE, 1994. Print.

This book is a collection of essays concerning writing center practice and theory.