Since my book has the term community of practice in the title and references to CofPs? all throughout the text, I quickly discovered that I needed to do some research on what communities of practice are, how they started, and why they're relevant to writing centers. Wenger seems to be the authoritative source, so I found articles from him to include in my white paper.

Here is one of his articles:

Wenger, Etienne and William M. Snyder. "Communities of Practice: The Organizational Frontier." Harvard Business Review Jan/Feb (2000): 139-145. 3 March 2011.

I was initially surprised to find this source in the Harvard Business Review, and that the roots of CofPs? are found in the business world. I talked to Noelle (WC Coordinator) about this and she knows that many popular practices often begin in the business world. Another day, another lesson learned. I have to say I love this article. If you're interested in knowing more about CofPs? (which I find fascinating), please read this for yourself. I didn't even have to go into the databases; I googled it and there it was :)

Here is the link: