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Here Are the Winners!

1. "Preparing for a Hurricane in the Coastal Bend Area" (Mock-Up Winner) - Patrick, Jessica and Carrie

2. "Shark Attacks" - Kayla, Graciela and Juan

7. "Weapons to Defeat Zombies" - Nathan, Joseph, and Trevor

9. "How to Survive Black Friday in the Coastal Bend" - Epi, Nikki, Melissa and Cidalin

13. "Heat Safety in the Coastal Bend" - Jenavi, Jade and David

14. "Boating Safety and Survival in the Coastal Bend"- Shauna, Al and Michelle

Below are the chapter proposals and mock-ups created by ENGL3301 Technical and Professional Writing 5:30 class. Please review the documents and then complete the online survey found at Thank you.

3. "Coastal Bend Summer Vacation Survival Guide"

5. "Coastal Bend Weather Survival" (Try renaming your files without the numbers, or spell the numbers out. Also, you forgot to include the file extension, .doc or .pdf - Dr. G)

6. "The Things to do when Moving to the Coast"

8. "How to Survive Mosquitos in the Coastal Bend"

10. "Calming College Chaos"

11. "A Redneck's Guide to Surviving College in the Coastal Bend"

12. "Fighting Back Against Mosquitos"

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