We will have 5 quizzes over the course of the semester to determine if you are learning the grammar concepts covered in class and in the homework assignments. You will be allowed to drop one of the 5 grades and keep the 4 highest grades.

If you turn in all of the homework related to a specific test, I will give you an opportunity to regain 1/2 of the points for the items that you missed on the test (except for Quiz 5). In order to gain this credit, you must turn in a written discussion (for each item) explaining why you chose the answer that you did and why it is not correct and what the correct answer is. You also must back up your explanation with specific source information and how that information helped you understand why you got the question wrong. You can't just say chapter 2 says "blah, blah." You have to use that information to discuss your thinking about the question. Hopefully this will help continue the learning process. You will do well on this if you see it as a learning exercise and not just a way to get points on a test. I will be the final judge on whether what you turn in merits the 1/2 credit.