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Writing for the Web, Writing for Digital Environments ...

It's really not about "writing" anymore; the focus has shifted to "content." With this focus on content, I think in terms of 4 areas that we have to consider:

Now the areas are not mutually exclusive and certainly overlap. You can't develop anything for the digital environment without having to consider design in some way. And so much of deciding about creation and design are determined by how the content will be delivered. And these labels for these areas do not carry the same meanings as they did in the past realm of writing. Creation does not mean starting from scratch, although even in the old system thinking we were creating something new was really a myth anyway. Creation in terms of content refers more to bringing information together and deciding what to do with it to meet the purpose of the project you are working on. Creation can also mean taking a lot of stuff that's already supposedly been "created" and "repurpose" it for a different outcome or setting, etc.

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