Once you have gathered information about your warrior by completing the Annotated Bibliography you will put that information together to develop your argument as to why your warrior would win in a battle. Remember that you need to prove this based on strength, mental acumen, and battle experience, just like the examples we saw in the Deadliest Warrior videos. Use the Purdue OWL Sample APA paper as the model for your paper. Here is a sample paper written by one of my students from another course. Keep in mind that this is just an example of a well written argument paper that correctly follows the APA format. The assignment for this student was not exactly the same as this assignment.

Audience - other students in 1302 classes

Must include

  • In-text citations - APA In-Text Formatting
  • Reference page
  • Minimum 3 pages long
  • Minimum 5 sources


  • Fulfills all assignment criteria
  • Correctly follows APA example
  • Uses sources that clearly document the claims being made
  • Is engaging for the audience to read

First Draft

Post the first draft of your APA Paper in the designated area on BB. You must have all of these sections to get full credit:

  • Introduction
  • At least two points you are arguing that prove why your warrior would win in a battle, following the model used in the Deadliest Warrior programs - i.e. strength, mental acumen, battle experience. Remember however, that 2 points does not equal 2 paragraphs. Each point will need at least 2 paragraphs to make a good argument. And you can do three points if you want to. At this point you will only be talking about your warrior. Presenting your argument as to why your warrior would win in a battle will help other students decide who they want to pick to do battle with their warriors.
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List

Second Draft

Post the second draft of your APA Paper in the designated area of BB. In this second draft you will add a discussion to explain who you are battling against and why your warrior would beat your opponent. In order to get full credit this time, you must have:

  • All of the elements required for the first draft
  • A discussion of who your opponent is and why your warrior would win a battle against that warrior. (Your opponent has to be a warrior from our class, one that another student is writing about.) For example, if I choose Attila the Hun, one of my points might be that even though they come from different time periods, and even though one is female and one is male, Joan of Arc has experienced the battlefield as a spectator which gives her insight into battle strategies that Attila the Hun does not possess. Thus Joan of Arc may have a mental advantage over the physical capabilities of Attila the Hun. I would back this up with information from the sources about the two warrios. So, you will need to use information from the other student's paper as well as reference the sources they used. But remember, you have to document the info from your fellow student's paper the same you would any source. Anything you summarize or quote from their paper has to be documented in APA format. In your Reference section, you will need to add your opponent's paper as a source, like this:
    • Garza, S. (2012). Joan of Arc, deadliest warrior. Unpublished research paper written for English 1302 at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.
  • in text citations for the claims you are making about who would win the argument - see Purdue OWL APA In-Text Formatting.
  • Your argument must provide specifics as to why your warrior would win in a battle over the opponent you have chosen.

The sources can be from movies, tv, video games, fiction, websites. For example, if you can reference a scene from a movie that illustrates one side winning over another you can use that to back up a claim you are making. Your paper from the first draft may be a bit general, which is common for first drafts. Now you need to make sure that you put in the support that you need to make your argument a strong one.

Here is a link for how to do running head and page numbers (although you may have to find a different one that fits your version of word)


In the appropriate area on BB post feedback for the student who chose your warrior to be their opponent. In other words, since my character is Joan of Arc I would provide feedback for another student who has chosen to pit her warrior against Joan of Arc. That way since I know quite a bit about Joan of Arc I can provide good feedback to the other student as to whether or not the student writer is presenting a good argument. Use the same argument rubric that we used in Unit 1 for the analyses assignments that you did. If your warrior is not chosen by another student, you can choose any student to provide feedback for. Just make sure that it is clear in your posting who you are providing feedback to. This feedback will be used to make improvements to the argument papers for the Final Drafts.

Final Draft In the appropriate area on BB post your final APA report. You must have all of the required elements listed above and your paper must follow the same format as the Purdue OWL Sample APA Paper.