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A chapter in the book focuses on three process models are presented and discussed: (1) The Racial Identity Development Model (2)Banks' Typology of Ethnicity, and (3) Bennett's Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity. These models were selected because of their use in and application to the field of education. Each of the models will be described as well as the related empirical research regarding the relationship between development within the model and the manifestation of desired attitudes, behaviors, and skills for working with diverse children (19).

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The intuitive--and often biased--view of ethnic minorities is that they are handicapped and therefore less likely than mainstream people to achieve academically. This view ignores the experience of minority persons who strive all their lives to belong, to participate in the benefits of society and to improve the quality of their existence at any cost (Foreword: Resilience and Ethnicity).

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This book presents an instructional theory for successful work with African American children that integrates the historical, cultural, political, and developmental considerations of the African American experience into a unified system of practice for the educational achievement of African American children. The book brings to light those principles of good practice that already exist and links them to contemporary ideas and innovations that apply to effective practice in African American communities. (Preface).

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in the Institutionalization of Writing Instruction." English Teaching: Practice and
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Student essays for a college-level, development-wide final examination will be scrutinized to represent the ways that students who consciously employ rhetorical and intellectual traditions of Black discourses get generalized according to limited motions of academic writing (Kynard - Abstract).