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To continue to help us prepare to use the Adobe Creative Suite, this week I want you to search for tools that will help us learn the different programs.

First, familiarize yourself with the programs that make up the Suite.

Search for good examples of the following that we can use when we start working with the programs:
*Help files
*Sample exercises
*Sample how-to/instruction sets
*User manuals
*Instructional videos

You can focus on certain programs. Don't feel like you have to cover everything. Focus on the programs that you are most interested in, or the programs you think you need to learn based on your career plans.

Share the info with the class. Remember to think about the audience and make your sharing interesting.
If relevant, connect the info to the area you are studying.
Include full source documentation using APA format.
In general one or two paragraphs, enough to share with the group what you learned.